Biography of Cheryl McCann

Prior to her quilting infatuation, Cheryl did a lot of garment sewing, including her wedding dress. She created household items and Halloween costumes. She enjoyed finding the perfect fabric to create the desired effect.

At this time, Cheryl’s main hobby was photography. Observing and documenting how light and shadow interact with color and point of view, she learned that subtle changes in these factors could elicit strikingly different images.

Cheryl started quilting over 9 years ago after attending a local craft expo that featured the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild. Joining at their next meeting, she has been creating with fabric ever since.

Cheryl has had 2 quilts accepted to hang at AQS (American Quilters Society) Shows. She has received ribbons from the Rehoboth Historical Museum’s Annual Needlepoint Exhibit and from Ocean Waves Quilt Shows in 2015, 2017 and 2019. Cheryl uses a variety of techniques and treatments to build her fabric creations, many of which were learned by taking classes over the years.

She believes that quilters of all levels can learn from taking classes. Beginners can learn fundamentals for a solid foundation on which to build more complicated skills. Experienced quilters can reach beyond their comfort zones and add to their quilting repertoire or learn about a new tool or technique that simplifies a task.

Cheryl has presented several Pre-meeting Demos at guild meetings, where a technique, tool or a quilting “short subject” is presented to a small group (perhaps 30) attendees. Most recently, she taught a class at a 3 day Sit n Sew. She has led several group projects that her quilting bee has undertaken.


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