Matte Cutting and Framing


Tom Keeley


 Thursdays, April 9 and 16

 6:30 to 8:30


Cost - $30 for Members

$40 for Non-Members


The class will learn how to plan the details of a matte and how to cut a matte to those specifications using the GMAL Logan Matte Cutter. We will be introduced to the many commercially available frames sold without a matte as well as those with a matte.  

Needed for the class: A picture for framing. Please limit the picture size to maximum 24” x 24”. Some matte board will be available for purchase from the instructor. Colors will be limited, so it is recommended that you purchase matte board and frame at a supplier such as Michael's.

After taking this class, the Logan Matte Cutter will be available for use by members at no charge.


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